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Palm leaf reading online or in person in Prague

Getting acquainted with the information recorded on the palm leaf is an opportunity for all those who wish to live a happy and contented life in peace and harmony and are willing to do something about it - that is, work on themselves. The records are read live from India to the candidates while being in person in the palm leaves office in Prague or at home connected on line. They watch the palm leaves reader as well as connect with the script of their lives and are given guidance on how to put it into practice harmoniously and effectively. They will understand the reason for their arrival in this world and get to know their personal mission in life.
They will get answers to many important questions and will receive specific recommendations on how to dispose of everything that has been complicating their lives so far. The reading can be taken after reaching 16 years of age. Information for younger grades is included in the parents' palm leaf record.

The price for this attractive service is EUR 290
The price includes an unlimited time palm leaf reading, interpretation from hindu English into general English as well as meaning explanation. Moreover a pre-paid 1 hour consultation with Pavel Krejci, which can be completed within 6 months of the date of the palm leaf reading.
+420 773 799 066

Address of the establishment

European Palm Leaves Center
54 Dělnická street, 5th floor, 170 00 Praha 7 (Druteva building)

How to reach us?

By metro C - Vltavská station and then tram No. 1, 25 or 14, the exit stop is "Maniny"

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